To see our brothers and sisters Excel in their careers and develop professionalism and competency in their fields while maintaining Islamic faith and Values.


Bring all professionals together as a team and develop them with the vision of sharing their knowledge and expertise with fellow brothers and sisters in order to achieve our Vision.


Established in Dec 2004 by foundation members and handed over to core group members in August 2006 who spend their money, time and knowledge to meet the vision of this forum. Strongly supported and monitored by external advisors group who are senior and experienced personalities offering valuable suggestions and advise to keep the mission in right track. Most importantly all the members do not take any financial benefit from the forum activities rather they donate and offer Islamic loan for training and certification exams for the eligible candidates.


The following are basic policies of the Forum:

  • The Forum shall be non commercial and non partisan.
  • The name of the Forum or the name of any Members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or for any purposes not appropriately related to the promotion of the objectives of the Forum.
  • This Forum may cooperate with other organizations and agencies concerned with the purposes for which this Forum is formed