Professional Development is a balanced approach, it not only requires proper education, training and certifications but as well need one to express the technical expertise to others in an apprehensible manner. NAF focuses on helping a person to develop these qualities in a structured approach.

Interpersonal / Soft Skills
Human Networking
Interpersonal/Soft skills Program:

Personality Development Programs are conducted to broaden the member’s skills and knowledge. NAF conducts Interpersonal and Career enhancement programs very often and it is part of its one day workshop program. It even discusses with its members simple yet essential things like Methods of Setting Goals and Achieving them, Development of Positive Attitude, Time Management Skills, Visualization, etc. that will groom the members Personality.

Group discussion & Brain Storming Sessions

NAF trains and prepares its members for group discussions for those who have trouble speaking out of turn, interrupting others or to those who have a lack of confidence about properly expressing themselves. This is a helpful advice for any individual working with other people in any industry.

These group discussions will help the members to make meaningful contribution in the discussions making them to be noticed in the panel. Tips and tricks will be explained to the members to have a positive outcome in the group discussions.

Communication Training

Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals .NAF understands that many people who are technically well qualified don’t have good communication skills. In spite of the increasing importance placed on communication skills, many individuals continue to struggle, unable to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively – whether in verbal or written format.

This inability makes it nearly impossible for them to compete effectively in the workplace, and stands in the way of career progression. To overcome this weakness and to make the NAF members an effective communicator NAF conducts communication Development classes.

Islamic Character Building Program

NAF tries to cultivate Islamic Values among members by sharing Islamic knowledge. NAF organize trainings in Quran Reading & Understand Quran the easy way from UQ Academy for our members.

NAF do not encourage or argue on issues which are controversial among different sects of Muslims.