NAF Joint Operation program aims at spreading NAF services to the common public through already existing non profitable organizations, Colleges/Schools and institutes who have vision to develop useful knowledge that can benefit the society and ready to collaborate and venture the training opportunities provided by NAF.

With this vision in mind NAF is aiming at spreading useful education among youth in the field of IT and to ensure that people from all classes seek and get this knowledge, NAF offers scholarship programs to poor and meritorious students by allowing them to attend the trainings provided by NAF free of cost. NAF operates on a Non-profitable basis and charges only a nominal or minimal fee for the trainings. However this scholarship scheme is provided by NAF to ensure that even the nominal fee which is set by NAF will not stop poor and meritorious students from getting the trainings in NAF.

NAF maintains a policy of providing a minimum of 10 – 20% of the seats in any batch of training conducted by NAF under this scholarship scheme and it tries its best to make sure that this principle is followed in all the trainings conducted by NAF and also in the trainings conducted in association with other Non- Profitable organizations (INPO Project) Any student who wishes to avail the benefits of this scholarship scheme can contact NAF for further details.