• A great management is one with the ability and the desire to realize the people’s potential.NAF Management has the ability to make the most of a Forums opportunities.
  • Powers. The business and affairs of the Forum shall be managed, and all powers shall be exercised, by or under the direction of the Core Group. Without prejudice to these general powers, and subject to the same limitations, the Core Group shall have the power to
  • Select members and employees for the forum and remove members and employees from the forum, in a manner consistent with law, with these By-laws, and with the Articles of Incorporation; and prescribe any powers and duties for them that are consistent with law and, with these By-laws;
  • Empower the NAF –President to act as the executive officer of daily operations in order to conduct the affairs and dealing of the forum.
    Empower the NAF General Secretary to act as the coordinator between Steering Committee and NAF President in day-to-day and project operations.
  • Empower the Strategic planning Group as elected as necessary by the core group members, to make rules, regulations, policies, procedures and strategic plans to manage the affairs and business of the specific projects and operations therefore not inconsistent with law, and with these By-laws.