What is Net Achievers Forum or NAF?

A group of Brothers and sisters who share a common and noble concept of HELPING FELLOW brothers and sisters in achieving their career goals, by means of providing career guidance, training and sharing of knowledge.

Is there any monetary benefit for any of the Organizers or Service providers like Trainers of NAF?

NO, Rather Organizers Contribute their time for the benefit of NAF.

Who can get benefits from NAF Services?

Any BROTHER OR SISTER who wants professional guidance and training from highly trained and experienced professionals in the field.

What is the service Provided by NAF in a Nut Shell? (Core activities)

Our services are carefully put together with the aim of making a person suitable for their target job, or career development by paying attention to certifications, practical training, and personality development to improve soft and interpersonal skills, preparing CVs, training for interviews and getting placement in reputed organizations.

What Training Can NAF give Now?

At this time we only concentrate on IT related technical skills and specially in the Networking , Voice, Security and Microsoft, Solaris/Linux Operating System and Oracle DBA due to lack of expertise in other fields.

Insha Allah in future we have plans to extend our services to other fields such as Web development, Storage, Programming and even to extend our knowledge and resources with completely different disciplines such as Mechanical, Civil Engineering etc.

What Specific Certifications or Trainings are conducted by Training Division?

We presently conduct courses for CCNA, CCNP,CCVP, CCSP, CCIE, MCSE, MCP,SCSA,Oracle DBA etc.Courses are conducted based on market requirements and demand.

Who Deliver the Trainings?

All our Brother who deliver the trainings are highly qualified and well experienced in the field, and presently working in high caliber jobs in the field and spare their leisure time to conduct the classes.

What is Employment and Career Guidance Cell?

This is the core unit of NAF focuses on preparing a person for a target job by providing overall guidance and training and then getting a placement in the industry.

Is NAF only for Unemployed?

NO! NAF Employment and Career Guidance Cell also focuses on Career development of existing members and new members by means of identifying and providing target skills which would help individuals grow in their job and career.

Does NAF Show Social Responsibility?

Yes! We contribute towards the needy in money and materials. Like sponsoring children in Orphanage, Helping for Displaced in the time of natural disasters like earth quakes etc.

How can you contribute towards NAF Mission?

By sharing our vision and working towards the same along with us.

You Can share your knowledge skills with NAF
You Can provide us with your valuable suggestions and advice to improve our service
You Can help at least few brothers and sisters in your family to achieve higher career goals with your skills and knowledge
How to get in touch with NAF?