People :

  • Group of people serving the society with the motto of getting rewards from the creator.
  • Human resource is the greatest power that can make or mock the history. Today the richest place in the earth need not have gold or oil rather people’s brain could make the magic. NAF unite people with similar vision who are the pillars of forum.
  • NAF bring together people who spend their time, money and knowledge that can be used to uplift the socio & economical status of fellow brothers and sisters.

Process & Operation :

  • Operation based on the Quran & Sunnah and decisions are made based on consultations.
  • Well structured organizational hierarchy with external and Islamic advisors
    Organized flow chart that is tailored to meet the personal requirement case by case.
  • Recommended roles and responsibilities the members.
  • Do’s and Don’t


Performance is measured by what forum has achieved not in terms of quantity rather of its quality, not by its means rather by its purpose not by its materialistic success rather its humanitarian outcome.

Few performance criteria used to evaluate Forum operation

  • Employment and Career advancement
  • Scholarship for Education
  • Extending help and working together with other
  • Organization (Non-Profitable) NAF Brothers Charity
  • Orphanage Education
  • Natural calamities and disaster relief fund