The core unit of NAF focuses on preparing a person for a target job by providing the overall guidance and training and then getting a placement in the industry.

NAF placement services include

  • Assisting in CV Preparation
  • Training Program to get Certifications
  • Personality Enhancement Programs
  • Technical workshop and seminars
  • Conducting Mock Up Interviews

The right-side flowchart explains how any professional will be dealt with the employment assistance program.

CV Preparation

Preparation of CV is the first step in getting a job and the purpose of the CV should be to get an interview followed up by getting the job.

As per the above flowchart, NAF follows a systematic way in the preparation of the CV. The forum helps the candidate in highlighting their skills, accomplishments, experiences and education designed to capture the employer’s interest. Once the CV is ready NAF arranges for the mock interview to fine tune the skills and make the candidate feel more confident in getting the job.

Technical Workshops & Seminars

NAF conducts one day technical workshop to give an exposure to the real time office environment for the beginners in the IT field. The Technical workshop is tailored in such a way that it gave a complete IT Office environment exposure for the fresher’s as well as the working people.

We have simulated company a real time which will have Local Area Network, WAN, Internet, Security and Servers for Active Directory, VoIP and email.

NAF conducts weekly seminars to familiarize students more extensively with the principles of their chosen subject and also to allow them to interact with examples of the practical problems that always crop up during their work. It is essentially a place where assigned readings are discussed, questions can be raised and debates conducted.

NAF has so far conducted seminars on various topics like:

  • Small office setup
  • VoIP
  • Network Monitoring
  • Video conferencing

Mock interviews

NAF conducts mock interviews as a training tool to make the members

turn their existing experience, attributes and characteristics into examples, anecdotes and evidence that would convince the listener that they have the desired attributes and also NAF boosts up the confidence level of the candidates in making the interview a success.

A mock interview is an individual session with a career assistant to help the members to prepare and strategize for future interviews. Traditional and behavioral interviewing questions will be presented and the members will be asked to respond, as in a real interview. After the interview, the members will be given constructive feedback regarding their interviewing style and how they responded to the questions.